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 Creative Backgrounds: Quilted Woven Wonders Class Videos

Quilted Woven Wonders

Chapter 1: Unpack Materials for your projects and get prepped and ready to begin!

Chapter 2: Drawing guidelines for the Simply Curvy Woven Project

Chapter 3: Drawing out templates for the 1/2 Circle Woven Landscape Project

Chapter 4: Cutting and Weaving Simple Curvy Woven Project

Chapter 5: Cutting for the Half Circle Landscape Project

Chapter 6: Weaving the Half Circle Landscape

Chapter 7: Pressing Your Woven Projects

Chapter 8: Adding Stabilizer to Your Projects

Chapter 9: Stitching down your projects

Chapter 10: Adding Applique

Chapter 11: Adding Threadwork to your flowers

Chapter 12: Adding Angelina

Chapter 13: Putting All the Elements Together

Chapter 14: Using Terial Magic To Make 3-D Flower Petals

Chapter 15: Using Inktense Pencils

Chapter 16: Ideas for Quilting

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