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Citrus Collection Wool Six Pack


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Tracy Trevethan Hand Dyed 100% Wools are soft to the touch and lovely to work with. They are solid colors with varying degrees of mottling. They have been slightly felted or pre-shrunk, but additional shrinkage will occur if fabric is washed or dried with warm or hot temperatures. All Wools have been felted (fulled) and the colors are permanent, however to reduce risk of dye migration in finished projects, wash in cool water with Synthrapol SP textile detergent. The Wools are ready to be used in any type of project, applique, or rug hooking, needle felting or other crafts. Light Green Assorted- Each assortment has 6 pieces of 7"X 7.5" sheets. The colors include Mint, Key Lime, Celery, Apple Green, Evergreen and Sage.