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If you have a quilt, wall hanging or other textile project that you would like me to quilt for you, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions or concerns, or would rather we discuss your project before submitting the form, please use the "Contact us" form at the bottom of the page or feel free to call.

Quilting Definitions and Rates

Border to Border: An all-over pattern that covers the entire quilt (from side to side and top to bottom). This is the most economical method of quilting. (There is a minimum charge of $35.00 for any quilt).
Rate: .015 per sq/inch (i.e. 70 x 90 quilt would be $94.50)

Partial Custom: Partial Custom offers area of custom work alongside with some all over pattern. (for example the borders are quilted differently than the main body of the quilt to highlight the different areas of your quilt).
Rate: .020 per sq/inch (i.e. 70 x 90 quilt would be $125)

Custom Quilting: Designed uniquely for your quilt, custom quilting offers defined patterns within blocks or areas. Custom quilting require more quilting time and can include thread Color changes and multiple starts and stops.
Rate: .03 - .04 per sq/inch depending on amount of detail requested (i.e. 70 x 90 quilt would be $189-$252)

Attaching Prepped Binding: Attached by machine to the back and then machine stitched to the front of your quilt.
Rate: 1.25 per foot i.e. 70 x 90 quilt would be $34

Request for Quilting